Top 5 Most Popular Car Brands Today

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Are you thinking about buying a brand new car but want a rundown on the most popular and reliable car brands today? Since there are numerous car brands out in the market today that are coming out with newer, more elegant, sportier and more innovative cars, it is quite a challenge to decide.

Find out what the top 5 most popular car brands are today so that you could be guided accordingly to the brands that most individuals are choosing due to their great quality and high performance. The most commonly considered brands are usually the top-selling ones because of their durability and many advantages in the present and future.


Nissan has been doing an excellent job in the past five years of sales. They have been consistent and is ranked as the number 5 automobile brand in the country. It seems like Nissan is still going to stay in the top 5 lists because just in 2013 their automobiles have been one of the best-selling brands in the first five months of the years. In May, Nissan hit their record sales for the year and shopped out 106,558 models all across the United States. In 2012, their sales were only 81,000 in the same month. The two types of Nissan cars that were the reason for the boosts in sales are the Leaf and the Pathfinder. Both automobiles have tripled sales in the first five months of 2013 compared to 2012.


Chevrolet is owned by General Motors Company. Through May, Chevrolet has sold more than 820,000 automobiles. One of America’s favorite cars was actually the Silverado and in the first five months of 2013, there were over 200,000 units sold and it increased 23.9% from the same months back in 2012. Chevrolet is known for their cars that have style, glamour and reliability.


Third on our list is one of the car brands that have sold more than half a million vehicles in just the first five months in 2013. Compared to the same five months from last year, the sales have increased to 5.6% during the same period. In the auto market, Honda has 8.5% in share. It has been one of the leading car manufacturers since 1995 with an intension to provide the latest technology in their car models. You can be sure of Honda’s quality, durability, reliability and fuel efficiency.


Not exactly at the number one spot in the auto market, but Toyota has had a tight competition for the top ranking. Sales during the past three years have dropped but it seems like it has been improving lately. Back in 2012, during the first seven months, Toyota sold 4.1 million vehicles. Toyota is a Japanese automobile brand and is the first car brand in the world.


At number one on the list is Ford, which is considered the best-selling car brand in the nation. Since May this year, is has sold over 1 million vehicles. This part of 2013, the sales of Ford increased to 13.9% compared to the year before. The popular models in their line-up are the F-Series models, Escape, Fusion and Explorer. It is America’s most popular car brand.

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