Top 5 Warning Signs and Ways to Deal With Stress

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On December 21, 2013 At 8:18 am

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Stress is a person’s way of responding to events that is brought by personal issues at home or at the workplace, major life changes or expectations in life that disrupts the balance of one’s entire well-being. When you experience any issues that are usually negative in nature, stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released in the body.

Not all kinds of stress are bad since there are types which can motivate you to do better. However, stress is often associated with negative implications because of the many frustrations and demands each person has to take. Nonetheless, stress can be managed and resolved at the earliest opportunity. In order to do so, here are 5 warning signs that will tell you need to take a break once in a while.

5. Migraine. One sure sign that will tell you you’re stressed is when you start experiencing migraine. Since stress can pave way to abnormal sleeping habits making it difficult for you to sleep at night, migraine is most likely to happen if you are unable to get the right amount of rest needed by the body everyday.

4. Abdominal Pain. Recent studies show that people who experience stress suffer from abdominal pains compared to those who are more relaxed. Although there is no exact explanation to determine the reason behind this, studies suggest that since the brain and the intestines share the same nerve pathway, the intestines will be able to pick up the same message when the mind starts reacting to stress which results to upset in the stomach.

3. Change in Eating Pattern. It’s either you will eat more or eat less. Regardless of the volume of food you put inside your body, a sudden change in eating habits can tell that you are stressed. For most women, resorting to chocolates can also be a signal that stress hormones are dominating your body. A study conducted by University of Pennsylvania researchers say that chocolate cravings among women are brought by stress, not hormones.

 2. Change in Emotional State. This can vary from being moody or short-tempered or being irritable most of the time. Due to lack of sleep and migraine, you also have the tendency to feel tired and worn out or experience depression. There are even habits such as nail biting or twitching which can be a manifestation of stress.

1. Dependence. When you are stressed, you tend to look for an outlet to make you feel more relaxed. Oftentimes, outlet means depending too much on “comfort food,” cigarettes, alcohol or drugs which can result to a more complicated problem such as addiction.

Although stress may vary between short term and long term, these warning signs should not be treated lightly. As much as possible, give yourself a time to relax by treating yourself once in a while or by exercising. Exercise releases endorphins which can help alter your mood into a positive state.

There are two types of stress a person can experience: the positive and negative stress. Unfortunately, stress is often associated with something negative because of the downside effects which a person may experience. Living in fast-paced environment means dealing with various issues that can be related to work, family life or personal issues such as financial difficulties or relationship problems. As a result of these, the body releases ‘stress hormones’ such as cortisol and adrenaline to which the mind and body reacts in a bad way. Fortunately, there are different warning signs that will tell you that you are stressed out. While it may not be alarming at first, unable to manage stress at the onset can result to more complicated problems which can compromise the health. To know whether you are already experiencing stress, here are five signs that will tell you to take a break once in a while and relieve yourself from all the negative vibes around you.

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